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avatar The plastic teardrop pearl is perfect with my dress. Happy that I got them here at Beads and Findings.
Username: Cathi    Country: United States
avatar Atlast! The pendant I ordered here is so beautiful and lovely. Expect more shopping.
Username: Sobeautiful    Country: United States
avatar The best thing I found here at beads and findings is the beads with a good quality.
Username: Angeline    Country: United Kingdom
avatar Just found my masterpiece here at Beads and Findings.
Username: Hassenger    Country: Brazil
avatar Just purchased a shell bead and the transaction went smoothly.
Username: fudya    Country: Costa Rica
avatar I'm so amazed seeing a shell triangle because it's so lovely and elegant.
Username: Delaremore    Country: Italy
avatar I've been ordering some twisted cords here and I can assure people that these cords I got here is of good quality.
Username: tomoanda    Country: Netherlands
avatar I bought some shell necklaces here and my friends love it. Next time, I'll buy a lot here at Beads and Findings.
Username: Pearlene    Country: United Kingdom
avatar Now, I have lots of pearls with different colors and shape. I got them all at Beads and Findings. :)
Username: Zehrer    Country: Germany
avatar I'm a happy costumer here at BNF because of the swarovski they have here is so stunning.
Username: dulap    Country: Venezuela
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