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About Us


Beads & Findings (B&F) is a registered brand name of Cebu Hardware Corporation (CHC). As the name implies, B&F deals with things creative, both in concept and design.

Trusted by more than 30 years in business, Cebu Hardware Corporation (CHC) is also a member of the Hardwares Consolidated Inc

While CHC now focuses on hardware products, B&F specializes in beads and metal findings to suit every possible need. Its array of costume jewelry goods and fashion accessories have been in great demand to most of the Philippines-based exporters and to direct buyers who design their own costume jewelry.

B&F's major clientele consists of these exporters, followed by individuals who make and sell their creations or use them personally. The remaining buyers are the students and teachers in the education sector who use the beads and the findings either as a class project or as a livelihood program.

In 2008, B&F has started pilot trainings in the use of beads and metal findings, teaching basic to advance stringing and design. To date, more than a thousand people have already attended the monthly training classes held in Cebu City. There are also a number of companies and institutions who use B&F products for their events, outreach activity, or as souvenirs. And of course, there are the hobbyists who use the beads and findings for recreational purposes. 

In 2010, B&F launched its online shop. 

B&F's Vision is leadership in beads and metal findings supply... to be the byword among costume jewelry and fashion accessory moguls throughout the world.

Being based in Cebu City, Philippines where most of the Philippines' best exported costume jewelry and fashion accessories come from, B&F has been the preferred supplier of these exporters and manufacturers and thus, assures you that it has got what it takes to provide you only the best in product and service.

    •  B&F sells at bulk prices making products very affordable!

     •   B&F has more than a hundred thousand different items inventory - at any one time - offering buyers variety of choices!

     •   B&F ships out within two (2) business days via FedEx anywhere on earth, and that is called accessibility!

B&F subscribes to the idea that the making of costume jewelry and fashion accessories should not be expensive. So it dreams of tapping DIY-ers creative soul and get them involved in the colorful world of beads and findings.